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"You guys are really fucking weird."


—Jason Wade, Cock ESP (while wearing sparkly pink hot pants)


My voice teacher once said "In order to make a living in music you need to either be really good or really bad. Those in the middle starve.” After twenty plus years of writing and performing music with relatively little measurable success, a thought occurred to me. Could I have been going at it all wrong by trying to make "good" music?


Aesthetic beauty in art is not an absolute. It is rather a contextual matter much like politics. Political ideologies do not exist in a straight line. Rather, they exist in a circle where the more they travel from the center, the more similar they become. For example, after years of struggle for civil rights, our society has finally liberated itself to where college students have the civil right to segregation in public schools in the form of "safe spaces."


Could musical aesthetic function in a similar obtuse, circular manner?


Repulsar was formed to test this very theory. Is there a secret trap door on the edge of "horrible" that when crawled through will lead to the promised land of greatness? Repulsar is committed to explore this notion through cheesy drum machines, bass tones that resemble the sounds of farting, loud guitar feedback, quasi-competent soloing and multi-phonic atonal Tibetan throat singing techniques set to conceptually suspect themes.


Photo: Michael DonahueNewt "Sparky" Skink, the shamanistic channeler of the nonsense spewing poopy gods has joined forces with myself (Michael Donahue) in this, our latest exercise in futility. Repulsar wishes to be birthed out the vaginal den of the halitosic horribalis into the vulva of divinity and ding Horribalis' donger so hard we bump heads shedding tears of acrid bile out our noses! That is to say Repulsar seeks to be exorcised from Repulsar.


Rock and roll wouldn't exist if not for audiences who like loud, annoying sounds. For those out there who are "size queens" for loud annoyance, Repulsar serves a twelve-inch dose of what satisfies you the most right where it hurts the worst.


Photo: Wayne SayersIn 2012, Wayne Sayers joined Repulsar and we are now a trio. He plays sax and didgeridoo. Wayne played a number of shows on the same bill as Repulsar with his one man band "Well Trained Monkey". He was invited to play with us as a guest and has been there ever since.


Repulsar live shows feature some notable trademark performance elements. Singer Newt Skink often performs with a pineapple duct taped to his head for reasons not worth sharing. We also have a sure fire way of filling the dance floor. By throwing giant rolls of bubble wrap on the floor, audiences can't resist walking on it. The loud popping noises also add to the general mayhem of the concert.


There are two Repulsar albums: Audrey Seiler Fantasy Abductor (2011) and Gay Deer Hunter Sex Wagon (2014). Physical copies can be found at the Stucco Music Store on this site. Gay Deer Hunter Sex Wagon is a limited edition release. Only 100 CDs and 50 cassettes will be made. Digital downloads for both Repulsar albums can be purchased at


GDHSW is a concept album examining the gay agenda in America from every possible perspective. If it offends you, well hey, offending people is just what we do.


Repulsar also appeared on two cassette compilations, both on the E.F. Tapes label. God Bless America (2012) is an experimental noise music compilation where each artist was asked to create their own version of the "Star Spangled Banner". Repulsar's track is called "Americaca". A newer version of the song also appears on Gay Deer Hunter Sex Wagon. Nothing Good Ever Comes From Milwaukee: A Midwest Noise Compilation (2012) features Repusar's cover of the Crucifucks song "Wisconsin". A newer version is also on GDHSW.


CAUTION: Listen to Repulsar tracks at your own risk. They are meant only for those who have the courage to recognize the greatness in really bad music. Read the reviews.

Repulsar live at Acadia.

Repulsar on KFAI's "Live From Studio 5!" on July 11, 2012.

Repulsar, Big V's Mayan Apocalypse

Rare video from 1991 featuring a very young Newt Skink performing with a pineapple duct taped to his head for the first time.


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