Experimental electronic rock from Minnesota.
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You have reached the arts, music and performance portfolio of Michael Donahue, and also the online home of Primadonahue and Repulsar. Explore this site to see some of my/our past, present, and future projects.

Rather than constantly updating this page with live performance dates, here's a link to my facebook profile. Send me an add request and I'll keep you in the loop with live shows and other news via FB events.




Also Like the Repulsar Facebook page www.facebook.com/repulsar.


Primadonahue and Repulsar Bandcamp Pages Now Live

You can get digital downloads of the Repulsar albums Gay Deer Hunter Sex Wagon and Audrey Seiler Fantasy Abductor for only $7 each! ($1 for individual tracks.) Or, just listen to the tracks for free. repulsar.bandcamp.com The newly remixed version of Illuminati Mind Control Slave by Primadonahue is available at primadonahue.bandcamp.com/releases. $7 each! ($1 for individual tracks.) The new Primadonahue record Loosh will also be available there shortly.


New Repulsar CDs and Cassettes are Now Available

Get your limited edition copy of Repulsar's Gay Deer Hunter Sex Wagon while you can. CDs are $10 and cassettes are $5.(Add $2.00 if shipped outside of U.S.A.) Paypal accepted. Make payments to md2323@comcast.net. Only 100 CD copies and 50 cassette copies have been produced. Unlimited digital downloads available at our Bandcamp site. Go to the Music Store page for details.


FREE Music Downloads Available Now!

There are now TEN exciting releases we have made FREE as digital downloads. Fill your iPod with some of the weirdest music on the internet. Download links can be found on the individual project pages and also the Stucco Music Store page.


Bootleg Remixes, Mashups, & Sound Collages is a collection of songs made with uncleared sample material and molded into the styles of Primadonahue, Repulsar, Grateful for the Dead, and DJ Squid Viscus. It's illegal to sell but there's no law against giving it away so have at it. Get the FREE download now.


The Crashdummies Jovial Philosophers Martyrs and Fanatics is now a free download. Physical copies are no longer offered.


Sesamoid The Findell Years is now a free download. Physical copies are no longer offered.


Jerungdu The Pink and Brown Album is now a free download. Physical copies are no longer offered.


The entire (known) catalogue of GoaTease recordings are now available for FREE! I am showcasing the GoaTease on this site in the hopes of receiving good luck. Download the brand NEW release D'TOCEAM: Death Threats On Chad Everett's Answering Machine. Also available as digital downloads: He Inhaled Ambrosia, Fractal Distillation, Mortgaging the Farm, Neck Tar, and The GoaTease Chain Tape.


Epic Fan Letter:

If you want to send me feedback, the bar has been set.


Dear Sir,


I just listened to some of the “music” on your web site, and I must say it is the most revolting load of filth I have ever had the displeasure to endure. Your music turns the Saddam Hanging Video into a boring episode of Teletubbies. You really ought to be shot, or dragged by your balls behind an Oldsmobile to Fridley. Maybe you should be fucked by a 900 pound elk. In fact, fuck your “music” --a gleaming, steaming pile of pollution.


I look forward to your next release.


Best Regards,


Mark Kaufman