Experimental electronic rock from Minnesota.
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You have reached the arts, music and performance portfolio of Michael Donahue, and also the online home of Primadonahue and Repulsar. Explore this site to see some of my/our past, present, and future projects.

Primadonahue Loosh CDs and Cassettes are Now Available

Get your limited edition copy of Primadonahue Loosh while you can. CDs and cassettes are $7.(Add $10.00 if shipped outside of U.S.A.) Paypal accepted. Make payments to md2323@comcast.net. Only 50 CD copies and 50 cassette copies have been produced. Unlimited digital downloads available at my Bandcamp site. Go to the Music Store page for details.

I was recently a guest on the Zeph Report podcast hosted by Zeph Daniel. We discussed the latest Loosh album release and an assortment of other esoteric topics.

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Epic Fan Letter:

If you want to send me feedback, the bar has been set.


Dear Sir,


I just listened to some of the “music” on your web site, and I must say it is the most revolting load of filth I have ever had the displeasure to endure. Your music turns the Saddam Hanging Video into a boring episode of Teletubbies. You really ought to be shot, or dragged by your balls behind an Oldsmobile to Fridley. Maybe you should be fucked by a 900 pound elk. In fact, fuck your “music” —a gleaming, steaming pile of pollution.


I look forward to your next release.


Best Regards,


Mark Kaufman